More than Sits and downs...

RELATIONSHIPThe first step in our training process is building a relationship with the dog. We understand that your dog will be in a new environment, around other strange dogs, and, people that they never met before. During the first week we try to focus on earning your dog’s trust and getting them acclimated.

PHYSICAL RECONDITIONING – Regular exercise and properly keeping your dog in good physical condition is important for all canines and is essential if you are thinking about participating in any type of dog training. Well-conditioned dogs have improved stamina, toned muscles, and, allow your canine to absorb more in training.

MOTIVATIONWe want to try and create high levels of motivation with your dog through our reward based training system utilizing food, marker training, and engagement games. The higher your dog’s motivation is – the higher their learning ability will be for training.

CONFIDENCE BUILDINGObstacle courses, treadmill sessions, environmental stability, and, dealing with adversity. Our board & train dogs learn to work through various conditions that build confidence such as jumping and going over our agility equipment, desensitization to loud and strange noises, as well as working around other strange dogs.

OBEDIENCE TRAININGPractical and necessary commands for daily living. Commands to walk at your side without pulling, sit-stay, down-stay, recall when called, place on bed cot, wait at doors, and more. In conjunction we will teach your dog how to properly meet other humans under control without jumping.

DISTRACTION PROOFING – Most dogs’ listen well in quiet environments but struggle with distractions. Getting your dog to focus is crucial for listening to commands, so we strive to proof behaviors under a wide variety of circumstances.

GENERALIZATION & LIFESTYLE – The biggest thing we will work on is having a much calmer dog that listens better and is not reactive to all of the environmental stimulants around your home and in the world. We look at dog training as a lifestyle and not a series of tricks, our training program becomes part of your lifestyle.